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Make 2018 the year you decide you matter.

Why? Because for a lot of us, without even realising it, everyone and everything else matters before we do and every day, our own sense of who we are and how precious our one life is trickles away … and it’s no good hoping that someone else can sort this out for you!

No matter what the world thinks of you, or what it does and doesn’t give you in the way of money, titles, recognition and so on, in the end only you can choose to matter.

Once you do, amazing things start to happen. Time and again, I have had the opportunity to witness these changes in my clients. From the time they put their wants and needs front and centre and decide to like the person they are, their world as they construct it changes.

From deciding you matter, it is a small step to start creating new habits and routines that energise and enthral you and from these small changes, big things come. What is your gift to the world? What are you here to do?

Try it! Invite curiosity and love into your life, starting with how you treat yourself. Be your own best friend and if this seems too much of a stretch, get some new support systems in place.

Get in touch if you’d like some help.