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Sometimes we make a decision in our life that results in a very clear cut before and after: moving interstate for work, getting married or buying a house.

But equally, other decisions can lead to really big changes over time: choosing to study fine art when your family is full of doctors, deciding to become vegan, even getting a puppy can change your habits and challenge the old version of yourself.

So how do you make a decision you won’t regret?

As a coach, I say a good decision starts with your mindset and the bottom line is there are really only two – you can act from a place of love or from fear.

Growing and realising our dreams requires us to open up to the challenges that confront us. A decision you won’t regret is made from a place of love, a place of trust that your life is unfolding in exactly the way it needs to … and from being well resourced and believing you’ve got this, whatever happens.

Next time you consider a big decision, here’s a question that speaks to mindset. Simply ask yourself, ‘if I do this, will it result in a bigger or smaller version of myself and my life?’

Be brave when the answer comes back.